Thursday, November 11, 2010

just for nathan

This post is dedicated to our dear friend Nathan, who should get a prize for being our most dedicated reader, or the one who wonders what the heck is going on.  Here is his comment

Karst and Kim, two doing okay? It's been about a month and Kim hasn't updated her blog. I just want to make sure you two are okay. I tried calling, but I'm not sure if I got the right number. Drop me a line when you get chance....just want to make you all are okay.

This was very nice and thoughtful, but when he followed up with an email to Karst and a phone call to me.  I knew my blog denial had hit an all time high.  And that we had really worried Nathan.

So I am going to tell you a little about our long time friend Nathan, and his family.

Let me just say that I knew Nathan long before I knew Karst, or Karst knew Nathan.  We grew up in the same town, went to the same school and had many of the same classes together.  If I was mean I would pull out class pictures and show this proof.  Once when we were sitting in 6th Grade Mrs. Shelton's class, during reading, I was thinking I was being all sneaky and next thing I hear is Nathan saying,
"Mrs. Shelton, Kim is reading another book inside her reading book and not following along." 

Really the reason Karst and I met was because of his friendship with Nathan, this started back when they were about 14 and both working up at Camp New Fork, as junior camp leaders. Since this isn't a post about Karst and I meeting, I will sum that up, basically Nathan lived next door to one of my best friends and we met that way.  Nathan helped us get each others address for letter writing.  

 At Camp New Fork, Nathan and Karst had many adventures, together.  So many stories that aren't mine to share.  Here is one picture I will show that Karst took while they were on a canoeing/hiking trip, of Nathan.  Lets just say they learned a few life lessons together.
So fast forward after missions, college, marriage and the kids to today.  Nathan married his high school sweetheart Sara, they have a daughter who is 13 (I think).  They live back east, so we have not seen them in years . . .Until this past April, where they flew in to visit family and stopped by to say hi.   It was great to talk with Sara again and to meet Zion as the beautiful young woman she is growing into.  Such a fun family.  

Watching Karst and Nathan talk it really was like no time had passed.  The test of a true friendship. There is never enough time when you need to catch up.  There are definatly more plans to get together sooner.

Priceless the rewards of friendships, the bottomless love and concern, amazing to witness this true brotherhood united beyond the years and miles apart.

Thanks Nathan for being the one we know worries about us and reads the blog.  When we win our millions we'll remember you were the one who worried about us.


dust and kam said...

I too am relieved that you three are alive and still kicking.

We need to catch up sometime! And soon!

Tonya said...

How great is that Nathan? I always liked him. When you win your millions, maybe you could send me a postcard.

Nathan said...

:) Thanks Kim. You've blotted my I have to go eat some humble pie.

Seriously though, Karsten is as good as friend as they come. As we grow up, get married, move 2,000 miles from becomes a little difficult to find time to keep friendships kindled....but like you hinted at, True friendship is timeless. So when Karsten and I are bald and fat old men, we'll still see ourselves as handsome young men having a good time.

Oh, and I'm sorry about ratting you out in Mrs. Shelton's class. I think I did it because I was worried about you missing the important lesson:) But seriously, sorry. If I could go back in time...I would have been reading a book inside a book just like you.