Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"I am so glad when Pappa comes home"

Charlee's favorite person by far is her Pappa. 
(she can say daddy but won't, so Pappa it is)

Charlee has to wave good-bye to Pappa as he leaves for the day.

 and she is always waiting for him to come home.

When she wakes up she always asks "Pappa work", 
and still looks from him around the house.

Because I am working at the salon on Saturdays,
they have their own time together.
They have too much fun, without me!

 I love this picture, after a luncheon, we stopped to get fertilizer, he stood her on the bags and helped her to see the baby ducks, then he waited about 5 minutes for her to finish watching them. 

Glued to the hip when they are together! 

I totally get it, because he my favorite guy to be with too.  We are so lucky to have him!

 No matter how busy he is or what is on the to do list, she can always get him to play with her.

And this year for mother's day, he spoiled me.
A Ceramic drink dispenser from Nemian Marcus, 
a real CD, and a pink flashlight that Charlee picked out.
And my favorite part . . . 2 awesome cards.

These pictures were just in the last 3 weeks, I really have hundreds of these two playing together.  I can never get enough.  I love the Pappa side of Karst that Charlee brings out in him.  


Nathan said...

So you didn't end up with a pet duck? How did Charlee let that slide?

TomandSteph said...

That is adorable!