Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blogging & Facebook

Here a some of my thoughts on blogging and facebook, twitter and all the social media that is now a part of life.

I was blog hopping the other morning, my favorite time to blog hop. I was reading a blog of a girl, who is now engaged to an acquaintance of mine.  So knowing what her situation is now, and reading about what it was, which was only 12 months ago was a different perceptive.  It was interesting to read about the things she said she would never do again, she did, things she said wouldn't change, did.  This is normal and happens all the time.

This brought home the point about thinking about what you write, because it will always be there to bite you in the butt.   You write today, only knowing your past and not your future.  Your future readers, will read what you wrote today and gage it against your future self.   

This is why I almost prefer blogs to biography's.  First of all generally there isn't an editor or a ghost writer trying to spin it.  There is not an end, there is no beginning, you are a part of the journey.

One thing I don't like about blogging, is it can make you a lazy friend.  I love to tell a good story, its sad when you get cut off and  they say oh I know I read it on your blog, it can make for a boring lunch.  Or when you are talking to someone about what they are doing and they say, oh its all on my blog.  I don't think blogs/facebook should ever take the place of a real conversation!

I LOVE that I am a complete and total novice blogger.  I don't have to keep the rules, I am not obligated to any sponsors for certain posts, it is all mine.   It is in bad form, with bad grammar and candid pictures that will not be winning awards.  Its all 100% MINE.

Okay, before this post gets too much longer, let me give you my little opinion on Facebook.  I love it, its fun and great and I keep in contact with more people then I ever would.  I love to see pictures of friends and their families and to hear about their lives.  But it has totally killed the blog commenting world, because everyone just puts the comments on Facebook.  But people listen one of the best things about blogs is the comments.  So DON'T STOP COMMENTING.

One downside is you never know if your friend is your "friend" or your "frenamy" on facebook.  Watch out for those who are just looking to use you, for their farmville connections.

Something else I have realized with facebook, is that it can interfere with the normal, natural flow of a friendship.  Pre facebook days:  You'd meet someone, get to know them and then after sometime find out their religious/political views,  what they dressed up for halloween 3 years ago, and so forth.  Also not all friends and people you meet are life long friends, differences happen, interests change, life moves on and naturally those relationships die out.

Okay now real frienships that involve face book.  You meet someone, maybe after a little while you ask if they are on facebook, or you they send you a friend request.  Of course you accept, and then there is the over sharing for everyone.  You know more about them and they instantly know more about you.  Its not a bad thing, just a fact.  Fast forward 6 years, job changes, marriages, moves and you are still in contact, not bad, but really how much do you have in common now?  How many inside jokes can you share online before it just gets weird?

That being said I have not, and don't plan on unfriending anyone, its just something I have noticed.

And I will not even get into past boyfriend, past girlfriends finding each other and causing all sorts of chaos . . . that is all of another time.

I love twitter, the little outbursts are hilarious, even my own.  But seriously it is getting way to commercialized and not as much fun.    


Susan said...

I love blogging and I can not agree with you more about comments i love comments. I also feel like blogging is ajourney and that is the best part.
I hope when we get to talk to both of you in person it is just like before- great conversation!
Thanks for blogging

dust and kam said...

could not agree more!

oh, and I miss you. we really need to catch up. Like... real soon. Are you going to the conference? We are going this year.

You have twitter? I stink at twitter.... but I should fid you anyways. :)

Nathan said...

I'm leaving you a comment, because I now know you love them :)