Saturday, July 16, 2011

Moments of Independance

 We were ready to go we were walking out the door and she starts screaming she needs a hat and a jacket, I try to explain its 90 degrees and she doesn't need a jacket, but there was no giving in.    Most days its her insistence on socks with her sandals that we fight over, I wasn't expecting this. 
She was so happy, it worked out and once we got in the car the jacket and hat came off and stayed in the car.

Another great adventure Charlee gave me was hiding behind the couch with butter.
I was upstairs picking up and I saw her walk into the living room, so about 2 minutes I went down, and surprised I couldn't see her.  So then I took a 15 minute search of the whole house, basement, garage every cupboard and box.  I was calling out for her offering chocolate and nothing.

I was standing in the living room trying to figure out where she went and then I saw the lamp behind the couch move.  I looked behind the couch and sure enough there she was in the middle with the butter.  She was one big grease ball.  So into the tub she went, and I got to clean up this.
Yep, I still love her!  And NOTHING is out on my kitchen counters when I walk away.


Vanessa Shannon said...

Hahahaha! Oh boy is she sneaky :) Love it!

Nathan said...

Yummm....nothing like a big bowl of greasy butter for breakfast :) Next time, instead of trying to lure her out with a chocolate bar, try a butterfinger.