Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Milestone for Charlee

Charlotte is one who loves her sleep.  Usually just lays down and goes to sleep for naps or bedtime.  Yes we are lucky and yes we know it.

Her crib, is truly a treasure.  Not just because it is beautiful, sturdy and hand made but because it was made by Uncle L.Jay for Charlee.  Our goal was to keep her in her crib as long as possible.

And for 2 years that has worked great.  Until this last month when she was playing with her 3 year old cousin Luke.  Who taught her how to climb and not just a little climbing, big climbing, like climbing up slides and out of cribs.  Ever since then keeping her in her crib was almost impossible.  

Here is Charlotte her first time sleeping in the crib.
 She loved it!

Well in July, we took the step and converted the bed to a toddler bed.  
Charlee was so excited for her big girl bed.  She picked out her new blanket and pillows.  I gave her two options and she wanted the butterflies.
Lets just say that bedtime is now a new adventure.  We kept the routine the same, but of course she doesn't want to go to sleep.  A few things that have happen.  15 minutes after being in bed she comes into our room telling us she is awake.  One morning Karsten found her standing on her toy box looking out the front window crying, I think she thought we left her there.  Many mornings I have woken up to her sleeping next to me with her blanket, and pillows, don't ask me how she gets all that in our bed.  

Charlotte has figured out that if she gets up and finds her papa and tells him she's hungry that she gets to stay up later while he makes her a sandwich or a glass of milk.  She knows if she sees me she is going right back to bed, and usually takes off running back to her bed or at least trying to hold the door closed on me.

This is the look we get when we tell her she needs to go to sleep.


Rob & Michelle Eberly Family said...

Let the fun times begin. First tell that hubby of yours to stop making you always be the "bad guy.". Ha ha ha. Try the Supernanny's bedtime technique.

dust and kam said...

She's so cute and grown up! I hope Gage lasts that long in his crib! *fingers crossed*

Tonya said...

Speaking of sleep. My two youngest are running back and forth from their rooms and yelling, Mom, so and so is being mean. The solution for me is obvious. Go to bed. But it doesn't work that way for them apparently. In my world...

Ron and Jessica said...

I agree with the Supernanny comment! Her technique works, but you'll have to get Karst on board with you!!! We worried Zachary wouldn't transition very well either, but he was a real champ and we've had no problems. We also put one of those squishy doorknob covers on the inside of his room for his own safety :)