Tuesday, February 19, 2013

When a 4-year-old Finds a Feather

A few weeks ago, Charlee figured out, if you press really hard into a feather pillow you could pull the feathers out.  She was obsessed with this.  Of course we explained this was not a good thing, there was some time out done.  We hoped she would get over it.  

Daily, her and I laid down for some quiet time.  Books are read, the timer is set, no one gets out of the bed until the timer goes off.  Sometimes she falls asleep, sometimes I fall asleep.  The timer goes off I wake up, she wakes up, and we go on with our day. It had worked well for about 6 months.

About a month ago, the timer goes off, she is very quiet, I think she is probably asleep so I lay there for a few moments, I can tell she is moving around.  I look over and this is what I see.

It isn't even the whole pillow, maybe just half.  It is one of my older pillows so I figure she pulled a feather through and the seam tore.
 Charlee is loves it; she is feeling all the feathers, talking to me about how soft they are.
I cannot wrap my head around this mess.  I don't even know where to start, so I grab the camera, because really who is going to believe this story?  I need proof.
 Holy Shit was said a hundred times, under my breath.
 She stood up and it went everywhere.  I am on the phone with Karsten, I sent him pictures and he did not understand what was going on.  He came home.  I started cleaning up.  Half the problem was they were so light, that when you tried to grab a handful the feathers would move.  I filled up 1 garbage bag, 2 vacuum bags we did laundry at the house and I took the large bedding to the laundry mat.

Even though it has been a month I am still finding stray feathers under things.  Just walking around you would look down and feathers were stuck to your legs.  UGGH.  

Of course I shared this on facebook and instagram, because this story is made for social media.  

Here is a bonus for you blog readers, something I did not share on face book.  2 days after the incident in my bedroom, we are driving up to Heber and she throws up all over the back of my car, she had ate chocolate milk, cereal and a granola bar.  Yes a piece of me died cleaning that up in 10 degree weather. 

2 days after getting sick in the car, I opened her door Monday morning to see this
Charlee had done it again.  My sweet little 4-year-old TORE OPEN ANOTHER PILLOW!

 She bit a hole in the seem until she could get her fingers in there and pull.

The first time I thought it was an accident, I never imagined she would try to open a pillow. I thought it was an accident.  The second time, there was no smiling and playing.  

So for a month she has not gotten any new toys or treats at the store since that money goes to new pillows.  

I thought I was over this but just looking at the pictures makes my stomach spin.  


Tonya said...

J would poop every afternoon nap and paint with it. I tried pinning her diaper, pinning her underclothes. Somehow she always got that diaper off and went to town.

Kim Hatch said...

TONYA! gasp - wow I am sorry. I take it all back. Seriously! I don't think I would let her nap. Thanks for sharing, no complained about feather her.

Rebecca said...

I'm really sorry for laughing over here, but that's just too much! Some days I would be more than happy to sell my children. That kind of day would definitely be one of those days!