Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stop Please

Stop the texts
Stop the emails
Stop the phone calls
Stop the showings
Stop the open houses
Stop the assignments
Stop the tasks
Stop the errands

I am not complaining.  I am just letting you know my head is swimming.  Right now I want to finish what I have agreed to before I take anything else on. And just now the phone is ringing again, one moment. . . sure I can take dinner to a neighbor.

I want to find 2 hours to
spend in my yard, getting it ready for the summers.
clean out my car
call and catch up with my friends
take a bubble bath
have time to shave my legs
make cinnamon rolls.

Yeah, just jinxed myself got a text to work an extra 16 hours this week.  That thumping is my head hitting the wall.

I just have to remind myself:
"And the shitty thing is I will live through this."

1 comment:

Kim Hatch said...

2 hours after this posted, I got in a fender bender, a guy slid into my back bumper, nothing major, just another thing I need to take care of... Really I said STOP!