Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky, wacky,
So many wacky things, so little time. Okay here is this weeks
"Wacky H2K Family Fact"
Karst HATES his picture taken

This is the initial reaction when he spots the camera.
Then he goes into the pretend to be asleep
Next is the "if you just ignore her she'll go away"

Also he'll try a goofy pose
Then the cheesy smile

And finally the good picture.
The big irony is he bought me the camera and he had to talk me into it. He tried for a few years to talk me into it, then I broke down and we picked one out. It sat in the box for almost a week. I picked it up and took over 5000 pictures the first year.

If you have gone anywhere with me or tried to do anything with me around, I am sure you have noticed what a camera FREAK I have turned into.
So Karst's wish for the new year was to have memories without a camera, so that is what I gave him for his birthday, no camera, no pictures no momentos to remember the day, I hope he remembers it all.
(we'll have a quiz next year)
Thanks Karst for playing along with me and for
ALL the great pics with you in them, those are my favorite!!

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