Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Fred.

Fred is our cat, yes she is a girl and her name is Fred.  Long story short I thought I was getting the male, got the female and used the same name

So like most house cats, we are fortunate that she lets us live in her house.  She sometimes can't figure out if we really live in the house or if we just put our stuff there because we aren't home as often as she would like.  When it is 10 pm if we are not in bed, she is standing at the top of the stairs starring us down  

and when it is 10:30 she gives up and goes to bed.  In the summer she sleeps in her basket that is at the end of the bed or in the winter she tries to sleep by our feet wherever it is the warmest.

But any basket or blanket she can find is a perfect place for a catnap.  Her and Karst have a lot of bonding time together on the couch with the blankets.  She loves to be petted at night and in the morning, again on her terms; she will pick which one of us will have the honor.

For the most part she is an indoor cat, however on Sundays we do let her out for a few hours.  We don't announce it is Sunday, we don't remind her it is Sunday, but somehow every Sunday she is standing at the sliding glass doors waiting to go out.  We have tried to find the wall were she keeps track of the days but no luck yet.   

If there is snow, wind or rain when she goes outside she is mad at us and expects us to fix it, needless to say she has not been happy this winter.  Karst is her favorite person and when  he goes on trips and Fred has to be with me after a few days she will start howling at the top or the stairs.  When she sees him packing she tries to give him the cold shoulder.  I am sure she has more figured out about us then we have about ourselves.

Her favorite toy is the milk rings.  Fred will only eat her cat food, we have offered her chicken potato chips, turkey and even bacon she will just smell it and run off.  She does like her cat treats but will usually only eat a few.  She expects fresh water daily, and she lets us know when we aren't meeting her expectations.

Unfortunatley she does have an addiction problem. it is with adhesive, especially double stick tape.  I don't know what it is but she goes crazy with that stuff, so we try to keep it away, although it will be her birthday this week so maybe I'll break out a roll of double stick tape for her.

Fred is a great supervisor, she is always watching whatever we are doing.  She has to be in the same room we are just 5 feet away. She has shredded 2 scratching posts in 5 years but she has left the furniture alone so we can't complain.  She is afraid of the vacumm, loud music and strangers.  She is a great part of our home. I am glad she has allowed us to live in her house.  So there you have it, everything you never knew and probably didn't want to know about our cat FRED!!

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Le Lit Buddy-Amy said...

As promised...a blog about Fred! Hey, I completely forgot what I was suppose to email to you. Remind me! By the way, I LOVE my haircut and color. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to style it yesterday and received many compliments! THANKS for rescuing me!