Thursday, March 6, 2008

Matchbox Twenty & Alanis Morrissette

So Matchbox Twenty . . . who would miss a chance to see Rob Thomas live?  Not I.  My Friend Christie asked if I would want to go, seeing how it is the busy season and Karst probably wouldn't even be home that night until 11 pm, why not? ( If I was blog savy I would have music on my blog and it would be playing "Long Day")

So lucky for me I had a chance to get suite seats through my job, and they were "sweet"!   Then I found out a day before the concert that Alanis Morrisette was opening up.  I was so excited.  I have loved Alanis from the beginning, who couldn't love her raw emotion and her truth.  Interesting fact that most of her songs she just sits down and writes, in minutes and then years later she realizes what she was really saying.  No wonder we can all relate. My house has been cleaned with her music shaking the windows. 

I forgot how much I love concerts.  You can listen to the band all you want on your ipod and you can know everything about the band.  But when you are sitting there with thousands of fans and they are their singing and the music is surrounding you, and your singing their songs with them and it is so loud no one can tell you are tone deaf, there is nothing else like it.  You really discover who is the singers and who are the entertainers, there isn't a lot of bands that can do both.  There was a few times, when I said to myself wow this is really loud, and a little voice in my head said if it's too loud your too old, so I put that thought out of my head and kept screaming to the music. 

So lucky for me and for you they actually allowed camera's. I filled up my card with pictures and 193 of them are good enough to keep.  Below are just a few of the really good ones. Next time your at my house I'll show them ALL to you. Again we were up in the suites so we weren't that close, but I think the pictures turned out okay.  

Alanis was awesome.  Okay I don't think they had the acoustics right, because it didn't sound as good as it could have, but I didn't care.  I have always wanted to see her in concert so she could have been up there humming and I would have been in seventh heaven.   I love it when artist share their talents!! It was a dream come true.

Then the time finally came when Matchbox Twenty took the stage.  And wow they blew me away from the start.  If Karst had been there he could tell you all the songs they sang and the order, however I am not that good I just ate every moment up. It was just spectacular. They were all so talented.  The piano, guitars, drums, keyboards they just made it all happen.  I was blown away.  And I know there was 12,000 people there, but really they were just singing for me, and it was nice of me to allow the other 11,999 people to be there.  

Thanks Chris for the fun night and good times!!  I would show you the picture we took of our selves, but it's too embarrassing even for me.  Next time we'll take the picture at the beginning and not the end.  

War good music, good musicians, and real performers who really sing their guts out!!


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Vanessa Shannon said...

I love Alanis too...good stuff. I wish you would have posted the after picture of you though. I bet its great! :)