Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Okay do you know what is totally crazy?  It is the last day of April and it is SNOWING!!   Now I know for many of you in Wyoming, that is nothing new and is almost expected, but here in the "big city" it is not a normal thing.
So while I had planned this elaborate beautiful post filled with wit and awe, that won't be happening tonight.  I have ran out of time.  Tonight we were gathering more stuff for our Yard Sale.  And of course we didn't take tarps, we just went for the quick grag.  We went to some friends who manage an apartment complex about 20 miles away.  So by the time we got home it was all snowed on.

It was really quite a site.  I really wanted to go and grab my camera showing us trying to get everything unloaded and in the garage before it got too wet, but I knew that Karst would have gone right over the edge.   Thanks to a helpful neighbor it did not take as long as it could have. So I just finished the task and took the pics after.

I have to say the out pouring that we have received from people for our yard sale, has just been shocking. Now before we can unload anything we have to re-stack things to make way for the new treasures.  It has been really fun.  I don't think Karst is having as much fun as me, but maybe because he has to do all the heavy lifting.  Sorry for the lame Wacky Wednesday, cross your fingers and hold your breath and maybe next week it will be good.

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Jen said...

Oh, I hope the yard sale goes well. I totally lost track of time and didn't get the things mailed to you in time....grrr. So, sorry and good luck with the sale!