Saturday, July 12, 2008

Road Trip Day 1

So we have done 13 hours of driving.  665 miles. 3 states.  And now finally, finally the car is stoped.  We are sitting on our full size beds.  Karst is flipping through all 120 channells because at our house he can only flip through 13 channels.   For lunch we stopped at a truck stop and because all the kids from the school bus where taking so long with the subway place and they were eating at all the tables.  We ate chili cheese dogs outside , on the newspaper stands.  Grandma, said "Well, this is something I haven't done, and it wasn't that bad."  how do you not just love her attitude? Don't worry I have great pictures of this.  The highlight was when we stopped in Cheyenne and took pictures at the state capital, neither me or Karst had ever seen it.  It was beautiful, I can't wait to show you the pictures.  We have one more full day of driving about 600 more miles and then we will be put for 3 days.   I have been able to do most of the driving.  Good Times!!  It's time for a little r&r.  It's been one long day.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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