Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wacky Wednesday . . . What lasts 10 years??

So I took my camera around my house and took a picture of things I have had for 10 years.  

It was kind of funny,  there wasn't as many things as I thought. But here are a few items:

First item, my toothbrush, yup, 10 years old.  Maybe its time to buy a new one, just kidding.  (I know that is just too funny.)  Ok for real here are the items:
Knife set, our best knife set.  We have more than this, but this was all I could find.  
This TV we bought with our wedding money, and sure we still use the rabbit ears, and sure the channels only go to 13, and sure you can't turn it off,  or it will take 10 minutes to turn on, but it works for us.
This vacuum we bought shortly after we were married, the light has died, but it still works wonders and gets the job done.
This chair belonged to a table, (which I have but it was buried in the garage), I bought this before I was married as my last "I'm still single, and this is what I want buy."  
This phone came with Karst, he actually got it on his mission, and brought it into our marriage. Yeah, it's a little old school, and sure it is in the garage, but it still works just fine.  Although I think when the battery goes it will have to go also.
This glider, was a wedding gift from Karst's parents and the afghan was made by his grandma. They have brought us comfort and reminded us of all those who love us.
And the "cooler of love" has also made it the last 10 years, this too was a wedding gift.  It was filled with twinky's  and other goodies, those are long gone but the cooler is still going strong.

What else has made it 10 years tomorrow?  

Our marriage.  Can you even believe it was 10 years ago that we made everyone crazy with our lack of planning for our wedding.  When we all met on the hill and stood there and took all of those pictures.  Our hair, our home, our vehicles, our jobs, our plans and ideas have all changed. But most of all our love has changed.

When I look at Karst, I don't just see my future with him, I see all those days and times he was there for me,  I see all the things we have learned together, the good and the bad.  I see what a different person I am today then who I was 10 years ago, and I can't wait to live the next 10 with him.

When we were first dating in high school we used to write poems for each other, but we have both gotten out of the habit.  Here is a little poem I wrote for him.

I never knew happiness

            Until you taught me how to laugh.

I never knew beauty

            Until I saw you look at me.

I never knew respect

            Until I saw you give it to others.

I never knew how good I could be

            Until I felt how good you treated me.

I never knew truth

            Until you held me accountable.

I never knew forgiveness

            Until you accepted mine.

I never knew love

            Until you gave it unconditional.

My Heart, My Mind, Myself,

Will never be the same.

You’ve changed me for the better.

I love knowing we can be together forever.

Sharing the last 1o years of marriage,

Has been an honor,

I live to be worthy of some day.


Happy Anniversary Karst!!


Lynch said...

Congratts you guys! You both are so cute! Good job on the 10 year mark! You should go on a cruise or something!


Vanessa Shannon said...

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy each other for another 10 years.... Love the poem~

Melissa said...

Congratulations you two!

Kim said...

This makes me smile...and tear. Love you guys.