Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wacky Wednesday - It's the Final Count Down

Tuesday September 2nd Karst will start his LAST graduate class.  He says it is a "Capital Venture Class", but my guess is it's "Golfing for the Grad."  Whatever class it is it's the LAST and that is the most important.  After this he will have enough graduate hours to start taking the CPA exams.

Karst started his college career way back in 2000, sometimes part time, but he kept going.  He has his bachelors in accounting and now graduate hours in the MBA program.  The ironic thing is he does not like school, he hates studying and reading and projects, but he has stuck with this.  Not floating along, I am talking getting his BA with a 4.0.  As you can tell I love this guy.

He has a great job with a public accounting firm, in their  audit department.  He works with the best  people that Dwight (from the Office), could only dream of and has the radical mentor (hi robb), that JD (from Scrubs) would die for.  They have twinner 100 oz mugs that they bond with.  The Company Partners have been awesome to us, so the good news is I am sure we are here to stay for a long time, there will not be any big changes after the CPA is achieved.  

So as he on the edge, ready to close the door on the school part of his life, I thought it would be fun to let you know we are at the  FINAL COUNT DOWN!!


Vanessa Shannon said...

Good Luck Karsten....I can only hope we are in your shoes 18 months from now. It must feel so good!!!

Melissa said...

Good luck Karsten! That's a lot of hard work you've put into school and it'll pay off.

Maybe after this last class, you guys can lay off the unhealthy amounts of caffeine and spicy dogs. Maybe. :)

~kamie~ said...

Good Luck Karsten! How exciting to be so much closer! Almost there! :)

mcgarry's said...

Hooray! You have worked so hard, just a little bit longer. We need to celebrate with peanut butter shakes.

Lynch said...

Congratts! I am so glad that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Congratts!