Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wacky Wednesday - Quilts

We are blanket and quilt lovers.  We have them stacked in our living room, in each of the bedrooms and I have to admit I even have one at my desk at work.  They never stay stacked and folded because they are always being used.  Even Fred has her special blanket, in her special place.  Don't you just love that the more you use the quilt the better it gets?  It's softer and familiar, just like an old friend.

We have a lot of oldies that have been worn so thin they have many holes in them and are barely holding together, so they are packed away in the cedar chest, because you don't throw good friends away.  

Here are a few of our favorites:
This is a quilt that Uncle Tom made us a few years ago for Christmas that I could do a whole posting on because it is so incredible, it is usually on our bed, but we don't sleep with it on, this is going to have to last many generations so it gets a lot of TLC.
These two blankets are from our good friends Randy & Gaye, and we never leave home without them.   They can go with us from the couch to the bed and hold in that important body heat, plus Karst loves to sit on the heater vent in the winter and use one of these blankets to "tent" in the heat.
This is a quilt that my mom and dad tied for us, all of my sister got one and it is a great quilt.  It is our fall and spring quilt that is on our bed for those chili mornings.  It is nice and soft, it holds in the heat but isn't too heavy for the warmer nights.
But when the snow hits the ground and you have to turn up the heat we drag out Big Bird.  This is a double Fleace quilt with batting in the middle, it is big enough for a KING bed.  Karst's mom made it for us one year for Christmas, all the brothers got one, but we got the best one because it has Sesame Street, who wouldn't love waking up to Cookie Monster staring back up at you.  This is one of those quilts that makes it hard to get up in the morning because it is so heavy and warm.  

However, this little flannel blanket is our new FAVORITE, it is soo soft and it is tied so carefully, and the ties are so close together which is great for blankets, plus it has that great edge with the beautiful stitch.  It isn't perfect and may not win any ribbons at the fair, but it is made out of 100% love and sacrifice and it will always be treasured.

The best thing about all our favorite quilts is they have come from great friends and family, so when we use them we don't only enjoy the heat and comfort from the material, but we enjoy the comfort and love from those who care about us and have touched our lives, it's like holding onto a hug.  Thanks everyone for all the quilts, we still have them and use them and love them.


Kim said...

KIM! I just got your phone message. You are an angel. It is official you need to come over for craft night next week. Wednesday. I'll be in touch. Love you...thank you for brightening my day. My heart is with you both...and btw I am a SUCKER for quilts. YUM. I use one EVERY single day that I got from girl's camp when I was 15...I think we need to make a new one though. Love you.

Kamie said...

I love your quilts! Aren't they the best?