Sunday, August 3, 2008

We really are here,

First of all I need to thank Karst for finally posting a "Wacky Wednesday",  this has been a dream of mine from the beginning and and I am glad to see it finally happened.

So we are trying to get back into life and the swing of things. And we have been working on our Guitar Hero on Tour, I have more songs done, but he has the better score.

This last month with Karst not having school has been wonderful, it is nice to see him relax and when I want to do something he can because he doesn't have to study.  Cross your fingers because  he probably only has one more semester.  

Okay awhile ago I told you about a little school drama,  so here is the scoop.  We thought the last semester was the final semester for him, and it was real exciting, well 2 weeks before it was over he was looking at the qualifications  for the CPA exam and it looked like he would  need 12 more credits.  So that would be another year part time or him working part time and going to school full time.  Either way it was going to be stressful and it was a little devastating.  Well, he talked to some people and looked into it and he would probably only needs 2 more classes so one more semester.  Which is totally doable.  So anyway we are bummed that he isn't as far as he thought, but we are glad to see there is more light at the end of the tunnel.   So after he finishes this semester, he can start taking the tests for the CPA!!

Okay, back to me.  So those of you who know me know that I actually have 2 jobs, I have my 40 hour a week 9-5 day job, at a food distributer.  I work in the finance department and it is a great job, they are a great employer and I love that I am 5 minutes from my house, so I can come home at lunch and take a nap, if I need it.   What I don't like about it, is the dress code is pretty strict, and I know it isn't going to change and I know why they have it, but seriously nylons everyday, collar shirts, never never never and denim, do dress down, sometimes you just want to be comfortable.

Then on Saturday, I shed the nylons and find all my denim or carpi's and flip flops and I head off to a salon.  I have been in that salon for almost 8 years now. Just booth rent, just me and my color bowls changing the world one head at a time.   I love it, because I only do it one day a week it is usually a busy day that starts at 6 am, but it is so much fun.  I know what you are thinking who gets their hair done at 6 am, well the answer is desperate people, ha ha or those who have kids and a lot going on Saturdays and need to be done by 8 am.  It is so much fun!!  I have made some great friends, I have learned so much and the other girls in the salon are a lot of fun and they always keep it going.  

There you go more details on our lives, I know wasn't it just fascinating?  I am hoping to find great experiences so I have great stories to tell you, but for now you have to settle for this boring stuff.


Vanessa Shannon said...

Yeah, Im one of those crazies who would come in at 6am. In fact didnt we meet at 5:30 am once... when I got off a graveyard shift? Crazy but worth it. And I you may be seeing me again soon...Ive waited too long between color, again. :) You are a great hair dresser and a GREAT friend!

Ron and Jessica said...

It's fun to learn more about you. You're one busy lady! -Jessica

Lynch said...

Congratts to Karsten! I am so glad that it was not the 12 credit thing! Good Job you are almost done!! Keep it up! The CPA exam goes fast at least that is what other people say!
You guys are not boring at all! So fun!


Kamie said...

It was so fun to talk to you today! Awesome. Now you can find my blog. And just in case you can't... it's dustandkam [dot] blogspot [dot] com

See you later! Or at least tomorrow!