Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Charlee's latest milestone.

Charlee enjoys going to church,
of course she sits quietly on the bench and colors, folds her arms for the prayers and never screams or talks loud.

Yeah, not really. The last 6 months going to church with Charlee feels like a long wrestling match . . . in dress clothes.

Well, finally the big day came. The first day of nursery.
There was no worry that she would not go, or cry. The worry was her daddy would cry.

The time came, the door opened, she walked in and, well you can look at her face an know she thought it was great.

First steps of independence, from mom and dad.

She lived and loved it. Her daddy only cried a few tears. And yes I did take my camera to church and yes it did embarrass my husband. But you know milestones and great scrapbook page subjects!!


Savannah said...

I love that you captured this on camera! What a great idea!

Vanessa said...

I love it that you took the camera to church...only mom's can understand that (well maybe a few dads..lol) She is getting so big!