Friday, June 4, 2010

Writers block.

As you can tell, I have hit a blogging wall. I have things I want to say, but as I type them out, they sound retarded and then they just get deleted. This past month I have many posts that are still in edit mode because they aren't quiet right. Blah!!

This has been going on too long, sure I try to hide it, by doing posts of Charlee, because that is just an easy out. Before Charlee, I had to get creative and think of how I wanted to share about our lives and what goes on in my head. And now that I am having a hard time finding that blogger voice again. If you know what I am talking about and have suggestions please share.

Honestly, the thing that probably holds me back the most is my extra thick layer filter. It keeps me from telling you all of my shortcomings. That almost panic when I think I am type something that will be wrong. My filter has been on overdrive. That expectation if you can't do it perfect you should not do it at all, so the posts don't get written.

I have to push past this. So my goal is now to share more on my blog. Not just pictures of Charlee. My posts will not be perfect, the grammar will still leave a lot to be desired, and I can't promise it will always be pretty. But not waiting to be perfect, I will get more done.

No pictures of charlee . . .yet

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