Tuesday, December 7, 2010

good-bye old friend, we might replace you, but we will not forget you.

As I have shared with you before, our couch is so well loved.  I think people come to visit us to sit on our couch.  So soft and broken in . . . so almost perfect.

The problem?  The springs wouldn't stay sprung, and sometimes when people come to visit, if they sat in the wrong spot they could get sucked into the couch.
And while we had talked about maybe someday replacing the couch, there really was no plans, and the thought of letting the couch go brought tears,  well at least Karst's eyes.

While visiting with Karst's parents, they told us that they were getting new couches.  Not asking, but telling us, said "you guys are going to get these couches."  I laughed because I knew they had been sucked into the couch one too many times.

We gratefully accepted. 

They are very nice, one of those fancy reclining couches.  
Charlee loves them and her favorite is the middle that folds down for a table for her to squeeze under. 

Since the couch had become a part of our family, it was not something we could just cart off to Good Will, to valuable to sell to just anyone . . .

So it sat in the garage for a couple of months until the right person who could shared the love could have it.

The winner?  My dear friend Heather.  Who was getting a new place of her own and needed a new couch.  Let me tell you a little about Heather, she is one of the funnest people I know and she has so always loved to sit on the couch and talk with me for hours.

She never has the same expression in any picture, she is full of so much energy and the biggest, tenderest heart I know.  I knew the couch would be in great hands. 

This is me & her messing around with the camera.

Although, when I think about her bedroom, when she was 17, I get a little scared that the couch might be buried. I probably need to go pay the couch a visit. 
We love you Heather!  Enjoy  the comfy couch!

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Vanessa Shannon said...

Cute post...sorry you had to get rid of the couch but the new ones look super comfy too :) All I have to say about that bedroom is, WOW.