Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why Dance? Why Now?
Since 2010, has been to a few dance recitals, to watch friends.This is how Charlee started her persistence in being in dance.  

Along came the potty training escapade, which was not going so well.  I told her if she could keep her panties dry, she could start going to dance class.  When she would go to the recital I would point out that none of those girls were wearing diapers.  She was interested and tried a little better but the hook wasn't there yet.

So I took her to the dance studio, she watched other kids her age learning and playing.  Again I pointed out that she would have to keep her panties dry to be able to go.  I grabbed a form, put on our calendar how many days she would have to be dry before I would fill out the form and when the next class was that she could go.  10 days, she did it no accidents.  I felt we were finally there.
After her first class
Charlee went to her first class and loved it and the kids.  She knows when dance class is each week and looks forward to it.
After each class she passes out
Dance . . . Dance . . . Dance . . .
Every Tuesday she went, running in there excited to see her dance teacher and her friends. She is learning how to be in a class setting, and following directions, in a fun setting.  For a 3 year old she does pretty good, but she is easily distracted by other things and playing with the kids.  Miss Tami her dance teacher is very patient with the little kids and helps to keep her focused.
Charlee with Miss Tami her dance teacher
She does a tumbling class and then a ballet/jazz class.
Charlee showing off her almost hand stand
Time to Shine

The beginning of June she had her first recital, we were gone the week before so she missed the two dress rehearsals.  When the time came she got on stage with her friends and tried to remember what to do.  There were no tears and she did not freeze, that is success at her age. 

After her dance she got a medal from Miss Tammi

Papa brought her a rose to celebrate her success.

Don't Stop Now

As long as she is having fun and enjoying it, we will continue to let her dance.  No more classes until September.   As far as the potty training, it is better then what it was, its not 100% yet.

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Vanessa Shannon said...

Oh! She is sooo cute!! I miss you Kim!