Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Am I On A Game Show?

EVERYDAY, I feel like I am on a game show called 1001 Question.  The prize for answering correctly, is more questions.  

Why is that lady not wearing a hat? Why do cars need keys?  Why can’t I have grilled cheese for breakfast? How come there are no leaves yet?  Where are those cars going? Did dinosaurs go swimming? How did Indians take baths? How come those people are not at work? How does the paper get pink? What bugs do you like? Are we lost? Why do we need gas? Have you been on this road before?  Is a$shole a bad word?  Why do you say it? To her credit I don’t think she asks the same question twice.

I thought she would like watching Americas Funnies Videos, but it ended up being a unique form of hell for her because there was not enough of the story, and she kept asking for more details.  Going to a movie theater takes some planning, she needs to be able to ask her questions.  Then I need to plan 2 more times to go back and watch the movie, or the next week the questions will double. 

At age 3 I thought it was cute. Age 4, I thought she was learning and we were connecting; inquisitor. Age 5 she knows my weak spots and is going in for the kill.

I am never going to win, and the game is never over. I have decided it’s all about the way you play the game.  Maybe,when she is 16, learning how to drive and she tells her daddy the car needs gas because its thirsty, the keys work because their magic and she can say as$hole because she is the driver, that is when I will be the winner.

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