Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Celebrating the Olympics!! Sochi 2014 - bring it!

O is for Olympics.  And it is exciting.

We are going to celebrate excellence. Hard work.  Achievement.  Goal Setting.  Sportsmanship. Defeat. Endurance.  Diversity. Talent. Skill.  And Love.

The Opening Ceremonies are in 3 days.  This is how I will be teaching Charlee about the world, geography, language, culture.  This is how I will be teaching her about joy, and successes and sadness and how nothing is guaranteed,  but good or bad you have to move on in life.

Thanks to OnDemand we will watch what we can, and track what we can't.  Here is a link to the schedule. http://www.sochi2014.com/en/schedule-and-results

It may not be a party every night.  But we will be watching and learning and experiencing these games together. . . . if your close and want to join us.  Please do!  (we might be eating fruit loops).  Oh and be sure there will be plenty of tweets and fb posts to keep you in the loop.

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