Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Sochi 2014 Olympic Party

Well I think we are ready for the Opening Ceremonies for tonight.  Total prep time was maybe 2 hours and the cost as under $30!! I google imaged and went through Pinterest and I found some great ideas, (maybe for Rio 2016?)  but for now my goal was simple. 

Geography &  Olympic Awareness.
I found this map for $ 6 at Utah Idaho Supply Store.  Where I picked up some star stickers. To show the sports I printed off the Olympic Pictograms, $10 at  

The stickers are put on each participating country.  The chain is for the # of days of the Olympics ( I have not been able to break the chain . . . yet.

Tonight, while watching the Opening Cerimonies we will be enjoying ice cream and making some Olympic Medals. I also printed off some coloring sheets, which will color while watching games.

I am still trying to figure out if we track metals by printing flags and putting stickers for each metal on the flag, or if I will print the athelete picture and put that on each event, since there is a delay I can have the winners ready to put on. . . . 

Oh yes she is excited!!

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