Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Very Bad Day, I Lived To Tell About

 When I woke up, I discovered Karst had left his phone and his wallet at the house before he went to work. I knew he was working in Orem and I did not know how I could get it to him.  I could not worry about it, I had too many other things to do today.

I had two friends coming over with their kids Minda and Katie.  They were going to help me pack and clean.  We were going to make the kids lunch and give them time to play and destroy Charlee’s room.

I started in the garage, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a case Soft Scrub and a case paper towels on one of the shelves, they were on my shopping list and now I could cross that off my list. Charlee was feeling adventurous and we were all busy, we did not notice her climbing into the truck, starting it and putting it in drive.  Luckily, Katie swung the door open and stopped it before it could do any damage. I was so scared but could only think to put her in time out, and talk to her more about it later. I was rearranging boxes and Charlee was supposed to be sitting on the stairs in time out. 

When I turned around to see the polar bear was out of his cage and Charlee was holding the lock, she had figured out how to unlock it and had let the polar bear out.  This polar bear is one of Karsts favorite things, he took such good care of the little guy and always kept him locked up and safe.  When the bear was younger he used to play in the back yard and had always been nothing but gentle with Charlee.  Now he was full grown and little children were around and I panicked.  I yelled at my friends Minda and Katie to grab their kids and lock them in the house because the bear was out.  Minda started yelling at me about how crazy having a polar bear in our house is, and at this point I agreed with her.  I was frantically trying to call Animal Control because I had no way to get a hold of Karst to take care of this.

In the house while we were waiting for Animal Control, Katie kept opening all the boxes from amazon to see what was inside.  It was a printer, some t-shirft a waffle maker, and St. Patrick’s decorations. I told her it doesn’t matter it all has to be packed. 

I went upstairs to make lunch and I forgot our Christmas tree was still up with my mom’s Christmas ornaments on them.  I was feeling so overwhelmed, unorganized, and behind.

Then Karst shook me, told me he was leaving for the office and Charlee was on the couch watching cartoons.  I felt a physical sense of relief that this was all just a really bad dream and I don’t have to worry about a polar bear, or Christmas decorations, but I did need to get Soft Scrub and paper towels from the store.  Too many tasks, restless sleep makes crazy dreams for me. 

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Susan said...

Man! That was one great dream! I was totally believing you and got all caught up in the story and then started thinking a polar bear? Wait!? That can't be!? You are too good and I am glad it was all a bad dream and not a bad day. Are you guys moving?
Hope you are doing well!