Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday,  so I thought Wednesdays would be a great day to share some "wacky" facts about Kim and Karst that not everyone knows.  Because what is the fun of having a blog if you can't embarrass yourself.  So to go along with our wacky facts, here are the wacky pics to match.

Fact #1
Kim has to sleep with one foot out of the blankets, while Karst needs both feet to be snuggled tightly.

Fact #2
Karst sets his alarm clock 2 hours before he has to get up and puts it in another bedroom.  So when the alarm clock goes off, fo
r the next two hours every 9 minutes he walks into the other room hits snooze and walks back to bed for 2 hours. 

Fact #3
Kim reads magazines from back to front.  This is genius idea, because most of the ads are at the beginning, plus don't you hate it when you start reading an article thinking its 2 pages and its 8.  I don't know I have tried to read front to back, but I always give up and go to the end.

So there you have 3 things about us that you probably didn't know.

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