Sunday, February 24, 2008

So really what have we been upto?

Okay, I guess it has been a while since I have shared what is going on in our daily lives. Probably because it isn't anything too exciting.

So to start Karst, he has changed his look a little. He got his hair cut way short, much to my displeasure, but he is growing a gouty much to my liking. It is a good compromise. Don't you just love his blue eyes. And honestly I am getting used to the shorter hair and I am liking it a little bit more all the time.

As most of you know Karst is an auditor for a public accounting firm, and why it is also the tax season, it is also the audit season for most of their customers, so he is working many long hours at work. He is also working on his graduate hours, so he can take the CPA exam. He has I think, another 2 semesters to do before he can sit for the exam. Forgive me, I have forgotten how many credits he is doing now, and how many he has to do, and I would ask him but he'll start crying and rocking in the corner again.

Just this last Sunday, Karst had a change for callings from YM 1st Counselor (which he had done for 3 years) to YM secretary. He is a little sad not be so directly involved with helping them get their Duty to God and their Eagle, but he is grateful that he is still involved.

Well me, Kim okay as many of you know I love to be busy, and I am really good at finding projects to distract me, from what I should be doing, like cleaning the house or getting ready for the yard sale. I finally finished the baby afghan for my newest nephew Luke, to took longer than usual. He is 6 months old now. So in the last month I have read 3 books (the Barrington Family Saga by Anita Stansfield). I made a DVD of the Young Women for New Beginnings.

I have been putting most of my Saturday time into the salon. I had a Lia Sophia Jewelry Party. Discovered, Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper. Joined Curves again. Made a few cards. Oh, and I have been trying to figure out all the great programs on our new mac . . . I call him
"Mac Daddy".

So there you have it a quick update as to what we are really doing. This has been good, because now I have a new list of blogs I can do. I am sorry to say that Karst probably won't be adding to the blog until May, when he has a chance to breath.

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Vanessa Shannon said...

Im jealous of your 'mac daddy'... although Im so used to PC's I dont think I could ever use one without throwing it through the window. Are you still at the same salon? I need a color....BADLY. I think I have lost your cell number though. Will you email it to me? See ya!