Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 3 of 8 Day Road Trip

Wow!!  What a great time we are having.  I know I keep promising pictures, and belive me there is 955 right now, however we are using a land line for the internet and it keeps giving me errors when I try to upload.  So when we are back to the real internet I will give you some updates.

Okay, well today was great.  Janis and I got up at Sunrise to go take pictures, the problem was I didn't really know where I was going.  We had a map we had directions, we had the GPS.  The problem was, there are so many little county roads in Missouri and it was dark, so after 6 u-turns we called it good and headed back to the hotel.  So I swallowed my pride and admitted we couldn't do it without the guys.  We made it to the site later in the days and of course the guys drove right to it with out a u-turn.  That's what I get for shooting my mouth off that I could do it all by myself.

So I don't know the milage for sure but I believe it was about 500 today, again 3 states.  We were in Missouri, Iowa and Illinois.  We stopped at Far West, Adam-on-Diaman, and the last stop today, Nauvoo.  It has been such a great thing.  I had seen all of the sights in Missouri before but I have never been to Illinois.   We took the "country road" way here and saw so much country side.

And we saw the Mississippi for the first time. It is so big and powerful. You can see signs of the flooding and a few places still have the sand bags. Again so much to see, so little time. I thought all day I was getting good pictures and I was so excited to download them and really look at them, and I have to say I am not as happy with what I thought I was getting. I am hopeful that it is only the macbook and when I get home and really look on the Mac Daddy that they are clearer.

I have really enjoyed this trip, good people, good food, good laughs.  I love that me and Karst have been together for 3 days and we haven't ran out of things to laugh and talk about. It is great to be with his parents, grandparents and uncle.  They are all different from eachother, but get a long so well.  I am learning so much from them and about them.  I am sure they are learning things about me, that is making them scratch their head.  Like does she ever stop taking pictures?

I love thinking about work and what I am not doing and don't have to be doing.  I love that I can wear whatever I want and I don't have to think about a dress code or nylons!!  I love that I haven't worn a watch for 4 days,  I love seeing Karst relax and have fun with his family.

My only problem is that I want to do everything.   I want to finish reading me book, I want to get my crochet project done, I want to drive, I want to take pictures,  I want to hurry and see as much as I can, I want to doddle and look at everything,  I wany to be in the van, I want to be in the car.   I want all the tourists to leave so we can have the whole place just to ourselves.  Seriously,  I want to live it all and expirence all I can on this trip.  I don't want to go home with any regrets.  I am sure that I won't I need to just calm down, slow down and take it in as it comes.  

Well for the next 3 days we are going to stay here in Nauvoo, we'll do small day stuff, but my suitcase is unpacted until Thursday.  I better go to bed so I can try and catch another sunrise.  Hello, you do know I am out of control right?


Melissa said...

I hope you get to do all of those fun things!

Sounds like you guys are having a great trip. But hurry back. Robb just isn't himself without Karsten around! :0)

Naomi said...

KIM BREATHE!! It sounds like you are having so much fun! I wish I was with you. I love Nauvoo! I just called you but I didn't know you were out of state. You don't have to call back, I was going to see if you and karst wanted to go to bear lake this weekend but you will not be back. Love ya and have Fun!!