Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 4 And we are all still talking

So Day 4 what a day, what a great day!!! We started out with a session in the Nauvoo Temple, a little food a little shopping, a little too much food, a little pagant. It was perfect.

Sorry this is the only picture I have been able to get uploaded.   I will try and do some more tomorrow, but we will for sure have the whole show Monday the 21st.  This totally sucks, what is the purpose of the daily log if I can't show you the pictures?

Oh the pictures I wish I could have taken for you inside the temple. It was so amazing and beautiful. Every where you looked it was breath taking. So all I have to say if you have not seen it for yourself you need to go and see it.

We are staying in a condo, all 7 of us and I thought wow this could really be a disaster and (knock on wood) it hasn't been too bad, but we have not really been in here a lot we are going, going, going.

Okay well that's it for today. Have fun with your non-vacation day, we are living up all of our vacation, we want to come home worn out, beat up, exhausted but happy.

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