Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 5 Lovin' every minute of it

So day 5, we spent the day site seeing.  And the humity hasn't been that bad.  We went to Carthage and all around Nauvoo.  It was awesome to see the homes and hear the stories. Truly a life changing expirence.  You know the stories, you've seen the pictures but when you touch the brick and see the whole scene, it add a new demision to the history.  Something so personal, it means something different to everyone, so it is something you have to expirence yourself.

 I have to tell you the perfect end to our stay in Nauvoo was having a picnic on the Mississippi River at sunset.  It was so beautiful, so breath taking, so amazing.  Can't wait to show you the pictures.  And now I am off to get night pictures of the temple.  Tomorrow morning we leave and start the trip back home.

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