Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am the party pooper

So of course once our friends and family knew that Charlee was coming to our home they wanted to give us a shower.  When I told Karst this he said, that's nice I would prefer granite but I could live with tile.  Isn't he so clever!!

I agreed that 2 of my friends could plan a shower for me, but I wanted to help.  So when people would ask me if I was having a shower I would let them know we were working on it.  We didn't set a date, first of all because I didn't have time before Charlotte was born and then I didn't know how long we would have to wait before we could bring her across state lines and into our home.  Then it was the holidays so December was out of the picture, but I did set a date for January 10th to do the shower.
In the mean time Elle gave us all the things she had accumulated while she was preparing to parent so we didn't have a great need for many things.  I need to do a whole post on how much she gave us, because it will make you jealous!!
And Karst's mom totally helped us giving us many blankets and clothes.  Between that and what other friends and family giving us stuff we didn't have a need for anything until Charlee was at least 6 months old.
Then my family gave me a shower over Thanksgiving and I got money for a crib and lots of great clothes for Charlee that was 6 months and older.  And a few weeks after that the salon I work at on Saturdays had a shower for us and gave us a saucer and more cute clothes.  Then Christmas came and we ran out of space to put all of Charlee's gifts.
So when other friends and people I knew would ask I would just let them know that there would be a shower in January.  Now it is January and we started to plan the shower but I was going crazy, totally crazy.

Okay here is the truth I have been going crazy this whole time.  Why?  Is the question I don't have an answer to.  But at the family shower and the salon shower I was going crazy I didn't like it and I don't know why, I was so grateful for the gifts, because we did need the stuff and I was so happy to see family I hadn't seen and to spend time with the girls at the salon, but the whole time I had horrible anxiety.

I don't know if it is because I am not a fan of showers, but when I went to showers or gave showers for other friends I never felt the anxiety.  I don't know if it was being the center of attention, but if you know me that usually isn't a problem. Plus we are in RSV season, but having a shower with out Charlee there wouldn't be fun so for the germ issue it is a good reason to cancel.  Whatever the reason, I can't figure it out but I am so relieved to know there will not be a shower on the 10th.  Maybe I'll sit on the couch and eat bon bon's and watch Karst take care of Charlee.

I am sorry to all of you partiers  out there who have been planning on celebrating with us on the 10th but there will be no party


Who we are.... said...

thanks for commenting on our blog, I have checked yours out before as well. Oh blog stalking you have got to love it huh? I find anxiety surrounding my upcoming shower as well. Who knows what it is-maybe an infertility thing. Anyhow looks like you are taken care of....well done!

Kim said...

There is always time to about after finalization? We can have a super cool party/shower so she is outfitted for the next year. Love this sweet girl, that picture is totally gorgeous.