Friday, June 14, 2013

W H Y ?

What if you got the chance to get your WHY question answered, completely and to your understanding, but it would only be one question.  Which would it be?

W H Y?
don't I crave spinach like I crave chocolate?
do people bug me?
can't I be nice to the people who bug me?
doesn't Charlee sleep for 12 hours?
are some people empty vessels, that need acceptance, get acceptance, but are still unfilled?
can't I keep up on my home the way I expect too?
can't I keep in touch with the people I want to?
do I get mad at my husband for things that are not his fault?
does it cost so much to live?
do we work too much, watch every penny and don't feel like we are getting ahead?
are people so nosy?
can't I ask someone for help when I need it?
do 49% of unplanned pregnancies to single women between the ages of 18 and 40 end in abortion and less than 1% end in adoption?
do I want to sell all my baby things and move to the next phase?
can't my car stay clean for just 2 days in a row?
doesn't my body adjust better to a low calorie diet?
am I afraid of showing my tender thoughts?
can't I just be grateful for all I have and enjoy?

Answers anyone?  Oh that's right these are my problems I get a lifetime to work on, and either I will figure them out or I will move on.

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Vanessa said...

Oh boy Kim. I think the majority of your WHY questions would also be mine! I miss you!