Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And we're DONE . . . almost

So after the antibiotics done their magic, Charlee has shed the oxygen!! (Except at night, for a few more weeks).  

We are celebrating by not being in the house, I don't know who is happier, me or her?  Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers, it did help and we are so grateful to have this behind us.  Good Health is nothing to take lightly!! 
This was her first IKEA experience, she had fun so I guess we'll have to go back.


The Shaver Gang said...

I thought about you all day and hope that you had a very Happy Birthday! Glad to hear that Charlee is feeling better. Have a good day.

Vanessa Shannon said...

YAY! Awesome...Im so glad she is on the mend. She is such a happy little thing isnt she? I want to meet her!! We need to get together sometime. Thanks for the advice on the pictures by the way...I like the safe deposit box idea. Brilliant.

Ron and Jessica said...

This is GREAT!

Kim said...

Glad she is all better...almost anyway! Look at her cute hair and that sweet face!

farmerswife17 said...

Yay, that is such great news! You have been in my thoughts lately in wondering how you were doing and how things were going with Charlee. She is such a cutie!
We hope to get to see her sometime soon!